003 The Blood Test SCS

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“Hi Honey.”


“Shhh, the doctor said not to talk,” answered Mrs. Dorsey.

“Where am…”

“Well, MyLove, you and Heather were in a car accident,” said mother. “You suffered a mild concussion and a cut on your head. You’re in the hospital. But don’t worry, Dr. Jackson said you’d soon be as good as apples in a few days.”

Dr. Jackson stood off to the side and smiled when Mrs. Dorsey used his terminology to ease her concerns about her daughter’s speedy recovery.

Myla’s brow furled. She turned her head to the side and saw Dr. Jackson standing at a right angle.

“I guess he really likes apples,” continued mom. “Dad’s on his way. He wants…”

“No!” snapped Myla, then squinted her barely open eyes as pain struck her forehead.

Mom winced, feeling her daughter’s pain. “Ok, sweetheart. I’ll tell him you’re sleeping.  Heather is outside. She was just shaken up a bit. She said she really wants to see you and say ‘hi’. You need to get some rest, so don’t try to hold a conversation.”

Myla muttered something under her breath that mom didn’t hear.

Mom stepped to the doorway and motioned for Heather.

“Just say hello,” mother told Heather.

Heather walked slowly to Myla’s bedside. She glanced back at Mrs. Dorsey, who stood with arms folded in the open doorway.

When Heather turned back to Myla, she ran her forefinger under her eyelid, pretending to wipe away a tear. She leaned in close to Myla and whispered in her ear, “The other car ran the stop sign.” Then in her most threatening voice said, “I’d better not hear you say anything different.” She quickly turned and walked out of the examination room.

“Liar.” Myla intended to shout her rebuff, but it merely fell from her lips as she drifted off to sleep.

Dr. Jackson joined Mrs. Dorsey outside the operating room.

“Your daughter is fortunate to have suffered only a small cut on her forehead, considering she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt,” said Dr. Jackson.

“We’ve taught her to always wear a seat belt. What makes you think she wasn’t wearing one?”

“She didn’t have any bruising on her shoulder.”

“Myla doesn’t always think of things like that. I’m disappointed that Heather didn’t remind her. I suppose Heather was bruised.”

“She’ll have a nice little blue stripe across her shoulder for a few days, but that’s about the extent of her injuries.

“Will Myla suffer any long-term health challenges?”

“The cut was superficial. She might have a headache for a few days, but nothing more serious. I have one more test to complete.”

“Are you saying there might be something else wrong with her?”

“Physically, no.”

“Myla has been diagnosed with some emotional and behavioral disorders. If your test have anything to do with that, I appreciate your concern, but she’s receiving the best psychiatric…”

“I do need to complete one more test,” he said hastily. “Please have a seat in the waiting room. I’ll speak to you just as soon as I get the results.”

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