006 – ‘Bout to Bout – SCS

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Mr. Dorsey returned to the emergency waiting room. He marched over to Yendor and said, “We need to talk,” The young man didn’t respond. “I said, we need to talk.” This time, he nudged Yendor’s foot.

Yendor opened his eyes slightly and saw a pair of spit-shined Stacy Adams pointed at him. He closed his eyes once more.

Dorsey turned the volume up a notch (something he was fond of doing). With his index finger, he jammed it into Yendor’s left shoulder, “We need to…”

Pain shot through Yendor’s arm and hit the tips of his fingers so hard it felt like it would blow his fingernails off. He lurched out of his chair, favoring his left arm. “Man, what the f—‘s wrong with you!” he screamed in Dorsey’s face, giving him a chest bump. His Walkman and headphones crashed to the floor. His hoodie fell from his head.

Dorsey rocked back on his hills a bit from the bump. Then his eyes grew big when he saw the size of the young man he was accusing. He almost let an apology slip out of his mouth, but he realized he had already put his finger in the hornet’s nest, so he figured he’d throw up a bluff. If he took one on the chin, he had nurse Henderson and plenty of witnesses he could call on.

“You nearly killed my daughter,” shouted Dorsey.

Nurse Henderson had been watching Dorsey and was right there to step between him and Yendor before they went to blows. Yendor had drawn his good arm back, but before he could swing it, nurse Henderson had stepped into his line of fire,

“He wants you to do that. Don’t fall for it,” said Henderson.

She heard Dorsey from behind say, “Don’t let the lady stop you.”

Turning to Dorsey she said,  “The lady’s going to put your butt of my hospital if you don’t back off.” She pointed to the waiting room and said, “You can wait there or you can wait outside.”

Dorsey saw one of the security guards approaching, so he returned to the family waiting room.

“Don’t let the lady stop you,” said Yendor.

Turning back to Yendor she said, “Relax young brother. You and I both know you could have taken him down, even if you would had to have done it one-handed. But I doubt he’s the type of man who would take a whupin and move on. He’d likely find a way to get back at you.”

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