010 – Here Come da Judge – SCS

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Heather had found a seat next to the door. She sat in a ‘runners take your marks’ posture as though she would bolt out of the building if someone said ‘boo’.  When Mr. Dorsey returned to the waiting room, she leaned away from the door until he passed. He sat across the room without acknowledging her. She looked out into the emergency waiting area and saw an opportunity to possibly smooth things out with him. Reluctantly, she went to him and whispered something in his ear.

He rose and returned to the emergency room once again.

“You’re welcome,” she said to herself as she trailed behind him.

“I understand you officers are doing the report on an auto accident in which this young lady’s vehicle was struck by a black male driver,” said Mr. Dorsey. Heather flanked him with a victim’s look on her face.


HeatherThe older officer turned to Heather. She quickly put on a saucy face and gave him a sly little wink. He did his best not to blush, but blew his cover when his cheeks turned rosy. He regained his composure.

“And who are you?” asked the officer of Mr. Dorsey.

Dorsey pulled a very official photo ID from his pocket and handed it to the officer. It bore the gold-embossed crest of the city of Beverly Hills. Beneath it was, Judge Stephen Dorsey, Esq. 23rd District Court.

The officer had never worked the 23rd district precinct, but its reputation was known throughout the county of Los Angeles police force. That’s where the rich and famous on the west side were taken to receive the white glove hand of the law. The envy of jail keepers throughout the county is Beverly Hills jail ‘pay to stay’ program. While other jails took their cooks out of the inmate population, The BH jail had a rotation of chefs from local restaurants to choose from. Detainees tended to gain weight, not from exercise, but from overeating. The same held true for their keepers. Some police officers in other districts joked that they were going to vacation with their wives and children in the Beverly Hills jail.

The officer, knowing it would be prudent to be coy said, “We responded, as you said to a fender bender between a young female driver along with her passenger and a male driver.”

“I’m sure you’ve tested the male driver for drugs and alcohol,” said Dorsey.

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