010 – Here Come da Judge – SCS

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“We’re still conducting our investigation.”

The rookie cop, peering around his partner’s shoulder at the business card barged into the conversation, “The scene of the accident was at a 4-way stop. There were definite skid marks. The silver BMW, driven by a Miss Heather Simpson, would have been traveling over 40 miles per hour, based on those marks, while the Chevy, driven by one Yendor Davis would have been traveling only…

“Excuse us,” interrupted Judge Dorsey as he pulled the older officer, (who was again red-faced, but for a different reason), away from the overly talkative rookie.

Judge Dorsey put his hand on the senior officer’s shoulder as he shared some words of advice. After a few minutes, the officer walked away from Dorsey and with a glare, sent his young partner scurrying out the door. They disappeared into the night.

Judge Dorsey reached into his pocket for a cigarette then walked outdoors. Heather, not knowing if it was safe to trail behind either of them, plopped down in a chair and pouted.  A few minutes later, a man and woman wearing Cedar Sinai uniforms came through the sliding doors into the waiting area pushing an empty gurney.

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