3D Architectural Models and Characters for Altar Easel Graphic Novel

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I’ve been building 3D architectural models for over 10 years and tinkering with character models for the same number of years, but not nearly as frequently as the hard body stuff.

I was satisfied with the progress I had made on the Booklands 3D architectural models, so I pulled away for a while to tighten up the characters.

They’re Rigged

Our hero, Yendor (seen above), was in decent shape since the last time I opened the file. However, the rig rotations needed tweaking. Since it only took an hour or two, I made plans to have the whole cast ready for posing within two or three days.

The next character I opened was Baby Girl. Her rig (bones) were all jacked up. Since I always keep backups of the files, I stepped all the way back to the original. It too was a mess. The interesting (in not a good way) thing was; every attempt I made to fix it, including deleting the bad bones and putting in new ones did not work. It was a real head-scratcher. After three days of trying to get Baby Girl to bend my way, I turned to pampering her. She finally agreed to cooperate with me.

The character you see here is Yendor. It’s my first attempt of coloring him for the graphic novel he’ll appear in. I’m sure there will be new looks as the work progresses.

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