I am first and foremost a plein air painter. The paintings and drawings in this gallery were created on some street corner, dusty road or other outdoor location. In the process of painting, I share the love of Christ with curious onlookers. We also pray together when the opportunity arises. Lives have been saved and bodies healed at the altar of my easel.

(L) I’m painting in a quilombo (place of refuge) in Ivaporunduva, Brazil

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I climbed the Hollywood ladder of success from a gofer (go fer coffee) to a scenic artist. I eventually stepped several rungs down to a motion picture set painter. When I wasn’t painting sets, I painted sets (in watercolor) during my lunch and coffee breaks. I retired from the industry in 2011 with a series of paintings I call Hollywood Backlots.

(R) Arcade I designed and painted for the original Tron movie.

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