Accident of the Forgotten Jeans or by Divine Appointment

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An Accident Or…

We see it (whatever ‘it’ may be) as an accident, but God may see ‘it’ as a divine appointment.

I made plans to go to my daughter’s house help her do some work. Knowing I would probably get a little dirty, I decided that previous evening that I would wear a comfortable pair of jogging pants. However, I also decided that I would find a street corner to paint and share the saving power of Christ with curious onlookers after leaving her house. So I laid out a clean pair of jeans to change into after the work was complete.

The following day, we finished the work and I looked in my car for the jeans. They weren’t there. I had left them at home. I didn’t want to go out to great the public looking like a bum, so I headed toward home. I was rather disappointed.

As I rolled into Pasadena, I had an urge to drive through the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl is most famous nationally and beyond for its New Years Day college football games. Locally, it is a popular place to exercise; walking, bicycling, rollerblading, jogging behind baby strollers and more. Plus, it runs the gamut from people making a fashion statement in their branded cycling gear to those who look like they just crawled out of bed and came to the bowl in their pajamas. Since I felt I was neither overdressed nor underdressed for the occasion, I decided I would make the 3-mile walk around the Rose Bowl and Brookside golf course.

When I drove down into the bowl, I saw that there was a lot of construction happening there. I’ve painted the Rose Bowl many times in various weather conditions and during times when upgrades were being made. This would provide me with a fresh perspective. I had my paint kit with me, so I was prepared. However, that kit was a bit heavy to carry over the 3-mile route. Fortunately, I had one of my smaller kits that fit in a Bible case. I grabbed it and started walking toward the construction zone.

A Divine Appointment

As I got closer, I sensed that I was there, not by accident of forgotten jeans, but by divine appointment.

Rose BowlI began to sketch the worksite and the workers. A man walked by me pushing a big orange wheel on a handle. I suspect it was to measure distance. I quickly sketched him. I knew he had to be in the painting. As I began to watercolor the sketch, he came back toward me, then stopped. He asked through the chain link fence about the painting, so I showed it to him. We talked about the painting for a bit, then I popped the big questions; “Are you saved.” He said that he and his family were Christians. I hear that a lot, but often I will have a little ‘assurance of salvation’ conversation with them. He said it with the confidence of someone who knows Jesus, so I moved on.

We formally introduced ourselves. His name is Dave. I’m using a real name this time. I hope he doesn’t mind. When I asked Dave if he had any hobbies, he told me that he builds miniature rockets. For those of you who are armchair astronauts like me, you’ll appreciate how happy I was to meet Dave. He also coaches hockey. We chatted for a bit longer, then Dave returned to his big wheel. I finished the painting and continued my walk.

Thanks Dave for being part of a divine appointment.

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