Affiliate Marketing — Does it Work for Artists and their Supporters?

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Off to the Gallery–Maybe

Thirty years ago, I would pour through 35mm slides, looking for just the right paintings. I would select 15 or 20 images I thought might go well with a certain art gallery. But first, I sent the slides off to a good film processor to have them printed into high-quality photographs. I then placed each photo in a plastic sleeve with a black background. I then inserted the photos into a portfolio in just the right order.

I would then write an introductory letter to the gallery owner. I explained why my paintings would be suitable for display and likely to sale. Of course I would print the letter on dressed-to-impress stationary.

I packaged it all up, along with a self-addressed stamped return envelope. With a prayer and fond farewell, I sent my portfolio off.

Occasionally, I was contacted by the gallery. They offered a small space on a wall for a group show, but more often than not, I got the dreaded rejection letter in the mail. I always had my portfolios returned whenever the rejection letter was their answer. Not all artists could say this.

Galleries are Good–Sometimes

Gallery representation can be very beneficial. If the owner/operator really likes the artist’s work and is well-connected with collectors and art buyers, it’s a win-win. The artist can focus on the creation process and leave sales to someone more qualified. Of course, the more artists in the stable (artists represented by the artist) the less time gallery representatives can spend with each artist.

Affiliate Marketing – Yes

However, an artist can spend, even waste more valuable time searching for the perfect gallery match than the amount of time it takes to self-market their work. In this day of an internet connected world, a little entrepreneurial effort can pay big dividends for creative types. It might be in music, crafts, painting or other art form.

Yet, do it all yourself is not the answer. Family and friends can share in the rewards of a sale by spending some affection equity on their beloved artist.

But what about those who admire an artist’s work, but may not yet have the finances to make a purchase. They can support both the artist and themselves with the help of technology.

Web site affiliate marketing programs are successfully used to sale all types of products; vitamins, electronics, clothing, books and more. And of course, artwork.

I’m looking forward to connecting with some art aficionados to sale paintings created in my studio.

So the question was asked, ‘Does affiliate marketing work for artists and their supporters?’ My answer to that is, “May we live long and prosper.”

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