Outreach Ministry Teams in Altadena and Pasadena

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Our outreach ministry teams broke up into groups of two’s and three’s. Some of the outreach teams stayed in Altadena while others went to the neighboring city of Pasadena.

I joined the outreach team assigned to the vicinity of Woodbury Rd. and Lincoln Ave. I’ve painted and ministered on these corners many times.

When I arrived, I saw about a half a dozen people waiting at the bus stop, so I parked my car and moved quickly toward the small crowd. I intended to pitch my easel there to paint en plein air and share Christ with any who would be drawn to my easel. Unfortunately, the bus arrived then departed just as I arrived, so I was left there alone. Nevertheless, I began to paint knowing that eventually others would soon be passing by on foot.

The Invitation

Foot traffic was brisk across the street at the burger joint I was painting, but had grown very quiet where I stood. I worked for nearly 30 minutes before two ladies came walking up the sidewalk toward me. One was leading the other by the hand. They seemed not to notice me so I greeted them, “Good morning.” The lady in the lead paused, turned to me and smiled. She looked down at my easel and asked, “May I see what you’re doing?” “Of course,” I replied. When she approached, I noticed that the lady she was leading was blind. I talked with them for a few minutes, then told them why I was there, other to paint. I said that I was with an outreach team from Abundant Harvest Christian Center. I invited her to the Christmas play we were having later that day and said that we would give away free toys to the children afterwards. She got excited and said, “I just met a lady in McDonalds (behind me) who had several children with her. I’m sure she would be interested in that.” She quickly turned to leave, but not before I gave her an invitation card to attend our church services.

I continued painting. I handed out invitations to several other people passing by, but none with children. I had completed the painting and was packing up my supplies when a lady with a young child came to me. She was not shy about asking if I had toys to give away. I told her about the play and the fun stuff we had planned for the children that evening. I gave her an invitation to the play and encouraged her and her children to attend. I knew that the best gift anyone could receive, young or old, would be offered freely that evening; the gift of Christ Jesus.

She thanked me and went her way.

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