Architecture and Site Design

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LAXOne of the great architects in the 20th century was Paul Williams, an African American. He designed homes and buildings in and around Los Angeles and was sought after by many Hollywood celebrities. However, his most recognized work came as a principle designer for the Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport.

Gamble HouseOne of the reasons I have always liked this building is first; its futuristic design and second; clean, simplistic lines.

Other architects I admire are the Green brothers who designed and built the Gamble House in Pasadena, California. Although this showcase Craftsman style home was built over 100 years ago, it had a futuristic look that has lasted into our present time.It was even featured in the movie, Back to the Future.

Another architect I’ve admired from afar was Frank Lloyd Wright.Falling Water is an elegant work of architecture that could endure for centuries.

If you have visited my site more than once over the years, you will know that architecture has been built primarily on a WordPress foundation. This remodel is no exception, except that it is much cleaner than previous ones.

When I started designing it, I did so with an eye on something clean looking that would highlight the written word.

I hope you’ll find this new home comfortable.

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