ART…Thou in Darkness or the Light?

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I went out early one Saturday morning to paint en plein air in the park. I pitched my easel behind the benches in the shadows of an evergreen tree. Men and women walked about with their worldly possessions on their backs. Others sat or laid on the benches wrapped in blankets while a few slept or chatted on the amphitheater stage.

One of the men sitting on the stage floor stood up when he noticed me and came my way. “Good morning,” I said as he neared me.

“Hey. You an artist?” he asked as he approached.

“Yes, come check it out,” I replied.

He stepped over beside me and quietly watched me paint. Finally I asked him, “Do you like to paint?”

Talent Came From God

“I’m not too good at painting, but I draw,” he said as he pulled a small notebook from his pocket. He opened it to show me some of his sketches. He flipped to a page of pen and ink drawings. They were very well executed; the proportions of the figures were accurate and the shading gave them depth. But they were also rather dark…spiritually. They were tattoo art; skull & bones, fire breathing dragons, etc., you know the style.

I told him how I admired his skills. Then I asked him if he knew his talent came from God. He said he did, and went on to tell me about a homeless man who had recently been a blessing to him. The man, who was in a wheel chair, opened the Bible and shared some scripture with him. He said it really touched his heart. We introduced ourselves. I’ll call him ‘Jack’ (not his real name).

Let’s Paint Together

Jack said he had received Jesus as his Savior, but had fallen on hard times. I told Jack that I taught the workshop, Jesus En Plein Air. I invited him to attend one, but “Even before then, Jack, I’d like to draw and paint with you.” Jack said he would like that also, so we exchanged phone numbers. I also gave Jack my web site address.

I’ve called and left messages for Jack, but have not yet heard from him. So Jack (you know who you really are), if you read this, please call me. I have a paint kit with your (real) name on it. If you’ve lost my phone number, click this contact link.

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