Arthur Blessitt Kicks off Hallelujah Hollywood

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Hallelujah Toy GiveawayArthur Blessitt rolled onto the football field of Hollywood High with his 12′ cross. He stepped up to the microphone to kick off Hallelujah Hollywood with his iconic Jesus cheer, “Give me a ‘J’!” The crowd hollered, “J”! “Give me an ‘E’!” Response, “E”! Followed by ‘SUS’ “And what does that spell?” asked Arthur. “Jesus!” shouted the audience. After several more call and responds with ‘Jesus’, Arthur asked, “And what are you going to do with Jesus?” Some of those unfamiliar with the Arthur Blessitt intro shouted, ‘Jesus’, but the initiated, which was the majority of the large crowd shouted , “Go, go, go…”

The bleachers were practically full, but when the altar call was given to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, scores of people streamed down to the field to pray with the councilors.

Arthur Blessitt Taking Jesus to the Streets

Following words of encouragement from Arthur, he shouldered his cross as he had done for over 40 years and 40,000+ miles. He then walked off the field and out onto the streets of Hollywood. He was armed with another trademark, his hot orange ‘Smile, Jesus Loves You’ stickers. Many from the crowd followed him, including people who had just been born again.

This day was a picture-perfect day; the type that causes visitors to have second thoughts about returning home, wherever that might be. I can imagine that the weather had responded to some fervent prayer, for it had rained yesterday and is scheduled to rain tomorrow.

Full Circle

Hallelujah Hollywood was first broadcast by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in 1977. When Arthur Blessitt  was being interviewed by Paul Crouch, founder of TBN those many years ago,, Arthur merely mentioned that he would be walking with the cross on the Sunset Strip. When the day came for the outreach, Arthur was surprised to find over 10,000 people had come to join him in his evangelism efforts.

Prior to Hallelujah Hollywood 2012, I had spent several hours painting around the perimeter of Hollywood High where I met some amazing people. I had to leave to before the event ended to pick up one of my granddaughters from the train station. However, I’ll be sharing those adventures in a upconming post. I’ll talk to you then.

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