Don’t Go To Battlefield With Unproven Paints

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When David (eventual king who would lead the tribe of Judah to great victories in the battlefield over their enemies) was a young child, he challenged Goliath (a giant) to a battle. Saul, then king over the Jews, offered David his suit of armor. David rejected the offer, saying that he had not tested them. Instead, David relied on his tried-and-true sling and stones. You’ve probably heard the story; David defeated Goliath with his sling and stones (I Samuel 17).

As you continue to advance in your plein air painting, you will find that as certain materials; paint mediums, brushes, etc., become comfortable, it will allow you to paint while holding a conversation with onlookers.
If you switch your kit, don’t be surprised if your new art supplies don’t immediately yield great results. While it’s perfectly fine to experiment with different painting media and processes, take my advise; don’t do it on the battlefield…the battlefield being any place where you go to proclaim salvation in Christ Jesus.

The Battlefield of Mediums

I experienced the battlefield of mediums this past weekend when I took my new tubes of oil paints to the park to paint. Although I didn’t go specifically to seek the lost, I knew that there was the probability of entertaining strangers who might need Christ.

While I was painting, a family came to relax in the park. A young boy eventually came near me to watch. I invited him over. We didn’t speak long, for by the time he had stepped over to my easel, his parents were ready to leave. I had the opportunity to speak to him about Jesus only for a few minutes. However, as I did, I felt the distraction of working with my new media and not the comfort to hold a conversation as I would with my watercolors.

I intend to sharpen my skills with oils, but I’ll be like David; not go into battle with them until they are thoroughly tested. Meanwhile, watercolors remain my weapon of choice.

I couldn’t go home feeling that I was unsuccessful as an artist, so I went to a coffee shop to find an unsuspecting model to paint. I’ve titled the watercolor painting above ‘Redhead Reading a Magazine’. Maybe I’ll show the oil painting after I fix it up

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