Birthday Gift from God

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Birthday Gift From God

Today’s my birthday. I’ve had enough of them by now that there’s not too much I really want other than to hear from my family. This year was a little different. I wanted something special from God. I wanted to meet someone whom I could talk to about Jesus.

Yesterday I noticed that a resturant was undergoing some major renovation, so I figured that would make a great scene. So this morning, I tossed my paint kit in the car and hit the road. The overcast burned off at about 10:00, so I was at the location by 10:15.

I pitched my easel in the shadow of a street light pole and began to paint. There were a lot of cars traveling the streets, but not so much foot traffic. Several people passed by but did not stop. Finally a lady came near who seemed to be curious about what I was doing. I extended my ‘Talent Search’ tract to her. When she asked what it was about, the fun begin. I told her that God gives everyone talent(s) tailored specifically for them. I asked her what her talent was. Like so many people I meet, she didn’t know.

Often I will keep painting while sharing with people. It helps keep them from walking away too soon. It wasn’t necessary with this lady. She really wanted to hear about the Lord. After we had talked for a while, she asked if I would pray for her. I did.

What a wonderful birthday gift from God.

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