Lo Riders in the Black History Month Parade

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Black History Month

February is Black History month, and communities across the United States celebrate in various ways. One can find festivals, concerts, vending stands and more. A parade is a popular way to honor Black History Month.

This particular Black History Month Parade started on the southern border of Altadena, CA and traveled down Fair Oaks Blvd. into Pasadena. I pitched my easel on the corner of Fair Oaks and Washington Ave. to paint and share Christ with people attending the parade. A group of teens were nearby, so I was hopeful that I would get an opportunity to talk to them. I had a very brief conversation with a young lady and handed out Talent Search tracts to several of the young men.

Lo Rider ‘Floats’

One of my favorite ‘floats’ in the parade was this lo-rider ’59 Chevy convertible. It reminded me of my  teen years when I owned one; except it wasn’t a lo-rider like my previous Chevy which was a ’57. I bought the ’57 Chevy  for $250 in 1968. I dropped the front end (no lifts), but an 8-track tape in it and cruised South Central LA. I later traded my ’57 for the ’59. How I wish I would have held on the the ’57.

On the Wall

There was an older man sitting on the wall behind me. I could sense that he was watching me paint. When I finished the painting, I turned to him and asked if he liked to paint. That is often my line of introduction that usually leads to a conversation about the talents God gives and ultimately (hopefully) an invitation for the person to receive the Giver of talents; Jesus. The man seemed to be on the wall both literally and spiritually. Although he did acknowledge being a Christian, he didn’t appear to display the joy that should come from having eternal life. Nevertheless, he was polite as he listened to me share with him.


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