Aaron McGruder’s Black Jesus Lacks Jesus

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I received an email recently from my pastor. Someone had forwarded him a link to a degenerate new television show planned by the Adult Swim network. The title of the TV show is Black Jesus. The trailer is an serious assault against the body of Christ. More importantly, it attempts to pervert the dignity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

Black Jesus or Lack Jesus?

The creator of Black Jesus is listed as Aaron McGruder. He gained national fame through his cartoon ‘The Boondocks’. I became aware of The Boondocks about ten years ago. It held some relevance as a commentary on politics and race. Although I didn’t agree with everything McGruder was saying through the comic, there was enough thought-provoking content to make it a worthwhile read. Ten-plus years later, it appears that McGruder has forgotten how to think. It also appears that his success has him smelling himself. What smells good to him would send many a reasonable soul into a gagging episode. His portrayal of a Black Jesus lacks any resemblance of the real Jesus.

Dumbing Down

McGruder has obviously had plenty of help in dumbing down. The Adult Swim network, which produces Black Jesus, can more accurately be called, ‘Porn Swim Animation’ network. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Adult Swim is engaged in building a bridge between the youth and the porn industry. Nevertheless, McGruder will one day stand  alone before Jesus to answer for his involvement with this show. We must pray that he wake up and receive forgiveness before that day.

Why Swim With the Sharks When You Can Walk on Water with Jesus.

James 3:4,5
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I saw a pastor on television, having just been shown the Black Jesus trailer, say, “We have got to use our craft to tell our stories.” He went on to say, “…our creative media coming against their creative media, our truth coming against their absence of truth.” While I appreciate his comments, it sounded as though we were not yet competing. Christian cartoonists, animators and other visual artists have been creating Christ-centered content for eons. One of our biggest challenges is not the ability or passion to create for Christ, but the support from our community. By support, I’m talking about financial backing, distribution and that attention from the body of believers. Here’s a short list of sites where you can see some bright minds and anointed hands repping Christ. z Graphic Novel • Altar Easel • Christian Comic Arts

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