Reinhard Bonnke and the Art of the Impossible

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Bonnke and The Art of the Impossible

Bonnke in Ghana
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Think back on a time when you pulled on a loose thread of a garment you were wearing. Initially, you may have thought, “I’ll pull just a little more, then the thread will pull loose.” But the more you pulled, the more the garment unraveled.

It seems that some evil force has found a loose thread on the fabric of the world and is determined to pull until the whole of humanity comes undone.

With every tug by the enemy, we risk being more exposed; more vulnerable. How can we stop the hand that pulls relentlessly? Instead of looking for that hand, maybe we should reach for the Hand that mends…Jesus.

Reinhard Bonnke
Evangelist Keni with Evangelist Bonnke

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke said in his autobiography, ‘Living a Life of Fire’, “peace…only comes through our relationship with God when we abandon the world of the ordinary and enter His realm of the impossible.” He expands on this idea in his video, ‘Full Flame’ with, “…the fundamental nature of Christianity is the art of the impossible.”

Coming from someone who has won over 70 million people to the Lord in his ministry, Christ for All Nations, I believe he is a reliable source for explaining the art of the impossible. BTW, those 70 million people weren’t individuals who slipped their hand up while all heads were bowed and eyes closed. They were Africans who wide-eyed filled out decision cards and were followed up by a local church leader.

I had the opportunity to attend an impartation service recently sponsored by CfAN. Bonnke and his successor, Daniel Kolenda, ministered and laid hands on those in attendance. It was a special moment for me, as I also partnered with him in his ‘One Soul’ campaign, which helps expand the African and American crusades.

Keni Arts Int’l (KAi) is determined to further illustrate the ‘art of the impossible’ demonstrated by Reinhard Bonnke, as we move in the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

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