Space Shuttle Endeavor at California Science Center

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California Science Center –

The California Science Center is now where the space shuttle Endeavor calls home. The Endeavor completed its final mission in November of 2012 when it traveled by land from LAX to the museum. I had the opportunity to both see it up close and paint the shuttle en plein air as it crept by at 2 mph.

I returned to the California Science Center recently, not to paint the Endeavor, but to paint its new home. As always, I was more interested in the people who visited the museum that day and hopeful that I might share God’s love with curious onlookers who stopped by my easel.

I didn’t have many visitors that day. The reason for the low turnout was likely that I was there at 2:00 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Undoubtably there would have been many more people on a weekend. Nevertheless, I did have one person of interest.

Sowing a Seed

A man with a fancy camera came over to see what I was doing. We chatted for a while. He said that he had painted en plein air before, but did not have much experience. So I suggested that he attend one of my workshops this summer. He said he was interested and asked for some contact information. Of course I gave him a Talent Search tract and pointed to my web site and phone number on the back. I then flipped the tract over and asked if he knew why Hollywood was backward. He took the bait and gave him my first hand account of the typical Hollywood lifestyle. Most people seek fame and fortune to the neglect of God.

The man became visibly uncomfortable and said that he had to leave. I thanked him for stopping by, encouraged him to contact me regarding the workshop, then thanked God for the opportunity to sow a seed.

The unScientific Look of the California Science Center Web Site

It appears that the CSC web development team (if there ever was one) suffered the greatest budget cuts by the look of their site. Check here.

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