Calling All Artists – Tour Across America

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Tour Across America

Pre-tour AmericaI’m preparing to tour across the United States with my easel. I’m calling artists to take their easels out of the studio and into the streets to share Christ with curious onlookers in their communities. It will be a twelve-city tour, beginning in Pasadena/Los Angeles, CA and ending in Boston Mass.

Answered Prayer

It seems that a fair amount of prayer leaves Pasadena, CA, bound for Heaven during the final days of each calendar year. I call them, ‘fair weather’ prayers. God must hear them because prior to how inclement the weather has been on the days leading up to the Tournament of Roses Parade, it manages to be fair and behave itself in the hours leading up to parade day.

Such was the case in the final week of 2014 as cold, wet and windy weather dominated the forecasts. But true to form, it gave way to a calm, cloudless sky on New Years eve. Pasadena Post OfficeAside from below-normal temperature, it was a perfect day to pitch my easel on Colorado Blvd., the parade route. The difference between this year’s painting and previous years was that I was there to record a video, not to minister to parade goers.

Typically, the sight of an artist standing behind an easel is enough of a curiosity to draw people to my easel. I always try to turn their curiosity from art to God. Today was different. I needed to keep my attention on the recording, so I used a trick I learned many years ago. Whenever I placed my easel where people would walk behind me (not in front), they could look over my shoulder to see the artwork without breaking a stride. So, I pitched my easel against a barricade near the street, thus causing people to steer around and behind me.

Camera Shy No More

As one who would shy away from being in front of the camera lens most of my life, I needed all the support I could get. First, I asked one of my outreach friends to operate the camera. Next, I downloaded a teleprompter app to my iPad. I mounted it on a second tripod and placed it three meters in front of me. Having previously written and rehearsed the script, I felt prepared to go.

I chosen the Pasadena Post Office as my subject for the painting. We set up our equipment, then I began to do a pen & ink sketch while Ernest took still photos. After I completed a rough sketch, I began to watercolor the drawing. Now was the time to also make my presentation to the camera, whereby the audience which would eventually see it…and critique my announcing skills.

I really enjoy the sights and sounds of the streets when I paint. Today was no exception, except that I had to filter as much as I could out so I could focus on my script. Being the recording rookie that I am, I was pleased that I got it down in only these takes. So what was the recording about?

 The recording, which will post in late January, will give viewers information about the tour and explain how they can donate to help meet the expenses of the tour. I hope you can join as well.

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    Happy New Years Son and Family;
    This is an AWESOME idea. I am proud of you and continue to pray for God’s FAVOR over this project.
    Love Ya!

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