Saved Near the Carnival on Central Ave.

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I pitched my easel on the corner of 47th St. and Central Ave. in Los Angeles to paint en plein air. The carnival across the street was a colorful contrast to the dusty beige buildings slumped beneath sticks of dry palms and dingy ferns.

Before I could unpack my gear, a lady, who seemed to be mentally disturbed, came to me who said that the Koreans (whom she said owned all the pharmacies in the area) were trying to kill her because she knew too much. She wanted me to join her in a plot to ‘get rid’ of them. The little child whose hand she clutched seemed to be in a daze. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in her plan. I told her that Jesus could protect her. She said that I was being sarcastic and walked away angry.

Dominique was my next visitor. She was a teenager who loved to play basketball. I told her that her success rested in knowing and serving Jesus. She said she went to church (Baptist) and was saved. I gave her a mini-book; the Gospel of John.

Among the other 4 or 5 onlookers were three Latino teens. I asked them about their interests. They seemed to know nothing but the streets. I asked them if they knew Jesus. They said, “No.” I asked them if they wanted to. The leader said , “Yes.” The others followed. I led them in a prayer of salvation.

Shaking Off the Dust

Only moments after that victory, I was commanded to leave the area by a tough lady who was in charge of approximately twenty youth doing community service. I looked at her, then at her crew, and quickly packed up my paints and shook the dust off my shoes.

Have you ever experienced a victory, then faced an attack only moments later?

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