Guess Who’s Watching You

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Since I was painting en plein air in an area where there are numerous surveillance cameras, I’m sure I attracted some ‘official’ attention, which is fine with me since I am only there paint and seek the lost. I’m more concerned that God is cool with watching me do what I do. I’ve had the privilege to share Christ with both plain-clothes and uniformed officers who stop by to check me out. Who’s watching you?

Stratford England En Plein Air and in 3D

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This 3D model is my interpretation of a building in Stratford, England on the outskirts of London. Stratford is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. I was there on a missions trip several years ago and did a night painting en plein air (inset). As you can see, I simplified the model and made other changes that allowed it to blend in with its surroundings. My visit there was filled with all manner of drama, intrigue and people coming to Christ. God showed Himself in some powerful, supernatural ways.

God is Waiting on Us, But NOT to Bludgeon Us

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God always has a way to make His presence known where there is a willingness and desire from His followers. But there came a man just as I was packing up my art supplies. With barely a greeting or introduction, he started preaching to me like Jesus would arrive any minute. He didn’t seem interested in what I had to say. I really wanted to get away from him. It made me think about how I communicate the love of Christ; do I do it with patience and compassion or am I overbearing. I hope not the latter.

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