The Booklands

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I have been adding new models and buildings to this set for several years. Many of the buildings are modeled after actual architecture I’ve actually painted en plein air. ‘Mr. Speed’ is an adaptation of ‘Helpers for the Homeless and Hungry’ located on Slauson Ave. in Los Angeles. The light beige building in the background is the Los Angeles Central Library.

A Real Happy Meal – The Gospel of Christ

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Across the divide of Woodbury Road on Lincoln Ave. is where leather-faced old men pass down traditions to leather-donned bikers. I pitched my easel to paint en plein air on the southwest corner. I stood on a manicured lawn with my back to the factory where giddy meals are manufactured and served in cute but deadly styrofoam containers. Moms piloting SUV’s taxi up to the pervasive amber arches and fall into queue for their turn to speak to the disembodied clown.

The Gospel and the Bugatti

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“So, what does a Bugatti have to do with the gospel?” The fake Bugatti looked good from a distance, but under close scrutiny, it became apparent that it was a fraud. The most powerful microscope is located in Berkley, California. It;s an electron microscope which cost $27 million and can view things 100’s of times smaller than a human hair. True Christianity based on a relationship with Jesus, plus a knowledge and adherence to the scriptures can withstand the closest investigation under a spiritual electron microscope.

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