Growing Up In The Church vs The Church Growing Up In You

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I was painting en plein air when a man who didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get to his distination walked by. I determine to engage him in a conversation. “Good morning sir. Here’s a little something for you to read.” When he reached out for the ‘Talent Search’ tract, I began to talk to him about the contents. “Talent search…it’s about the talent God gives you. I worked in Hollywood. Seems like everyone chases about fame and fortune but forgets all about God.” When I asked him if he believed in the Lord, he said, “I came up in the church.” I replied, “You came up in the church, but did the church come up in you?”

ART…Thou in Darkness or the Light?

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Jack stepped over beside me and quietly watched me paint. Finally I asked him, “Do you like to paint?” “I’m not too good at painting, but I draw,” he said as he pulled a small notebook from his pocket. He opened it to show me some of his sketches. He flipped to a page of pen and ink drawings. They were very well executed; the proportions of the figures were accurate and the shading gave them depth. They were also dark…spiritually.

From Gang Warfare to Ministry Outreach at the Liquor Store

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I pitched my easel to paint en plein air next to the liquor store. The scene in front of me was an auto parts store planted in a forest of telephone poles. A sleek, gold-colored sports car pulled up. An very attractive young black woman with skin two shades darker than her tinted windows got out. She walked up next to me and silently watched me paint. For several minutes, no words were exchanged as she looked on. I noticed even more how very attractive she was, but not in a glamorous way. She was poised and articulate. I reminded myself that I was a Christian with a beautiful wife and loving children at home.

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