Praying for Healing in Venice Beach

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My first onlooker was a Jah-love brother who grinned incessantly. He wasted no time telling what ‘remedy’ he was peddling. “I like marijuana mon.” he said in his Jamaican emigrant tongue. I liked his straight-path approach, so I hopped onto the trail with him, except I met him face to face as I traveled the other direction. “I used to like it too. Then I met Jesus and found the freest and highest high,” I replied.

Not 2 Proud 2 Listen

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Do you suppose that we sometimes fail to hear carefully when God gives direction for our lives? Have you ever traveled for many years in the wrong direction in your pursuit of God just certain that He would be ‘there’ when you arrived. The further you traveled, the fewer signs you saw on the roadside of life that you was any closer to Him.

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