Citywide Outreach – Harvesting in Pasadena

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Citywide Outreach

Today was the second part of a citywide (Pasadena & Altadena, CA) ministry effort to reach 70,000 homes for Christ. Many churches were joined together for this common goal. It was good to see Christians work together beyond denominational dividing lines.

I met with team leaders at 8:00 am for final instructions, which I would take back to the outreach at my church. When Bob, the coordinator asked how many people would be participating, I said ‘four’. Actually, I wasn’t sure of the number. Since we typically have at least a half a dozen people show up for our monthly outreach, I felt that we would easily have four. Therefore, I was given enough printed material for that number.

Plentiful Harvest – Scarcity of Harvesters

I returned to the church and waited for our outreach team to arrive at 10:00 am, the scheduled time. I received a call at about 15 minutes before 10 from a team member to let me know they would be a few minutes late. I thanked them for the call. 10:00 came and no one had arrived. A few minutes pass and I was joined by the caller. We waited, we prayed and waited some more. Finally at approximately 10:25, we both came to the conclusion that the two of us were the outreach team for the day.

The plan was to revisit the homes we had prayed for the previous Saturday. I’ve asked God to forgive me for not following the plan given by the citywide organizers. Instead, I told the ‘team’ we would seek the lost on a street corner in Pasadena.

Citywide OutreachI was the first to arrive at the NE corner of Washington Blvd. and Lake Ave.. I quickly set up my easel and began to paint en plein air at the bus stop. The red roof building on the left was once Family Savings Bank, one of the few Black-owned banks in Southern California. I once had an account there, but it has sense been shuttered.

I began to pass out tracts to people who passed by on the sidewalk. A man and his two children were among the first people who stopped to see what I was doing. When I gave him a tract and began to explain God’s plan of salvation through faith in Jesus, he said he too was a Christian. Indeed he was. We had a good time of fellowship. His children were very enthusiastic about the artwork. Dad was a graphic designer, so we shared some of the same interests. They had a church home, so I was carful not to sound like I was trying to steal him away from it while gently extending an invitation to visit us on occasion.

I then met a tall (6’7″) young man. He too was a follower of Christ, but did not attend church. I urged him to visit us and stressed how important it was to not forsake fellowship with other believers. I was soon joined by my other team member and we ministered together until I finished the painting.

Although our citywide contribution was confined to that one corner, we were able to share Christ with approximately 15 people.

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