Coffee Shop Art and The Artists They Serve

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Coffee Gallery

Coffee GalleryThere is coffee shop art, and then there are coffee shop artists.

The local coffee shop has been serving more than java to its community, and the baristas have served as artist agents in many respects. There is one very popular coffee shop in my community where artists often go to hang their work. It is the Coffee Gallery. The Coffee Gallery also has a performance room that features live acts: musicians, magicians, poets and more. I visit there occasionally to see what is hanging on the walls. I, like many other artists, enjoy sketching and painting while sipping a steaming cup of coffee.


Hen’s Teeth Square

Hen's Teeth SquareI recently went to a small shopping center to paint en plein air. It was called the ‘Hen’s Teeth Square’. I last had contact with the owner 10+ years ago. I have avoided it over the years because of the bad experience I had with the owner over an illustration I did for her. However, I so admired the architecture that I knew that one day I would return to paint it.

I pitched my easel under an archway of  vines to paint the Spanish-style building. The view was ideal, but more alluring was the opportunity I would have to speak to people coming and going from the small shops located within the square. I was also near a bus stop, so I figured I would get visitors from there as well. I wasn’t disappointed.

My first visitors came from the shopping center en route to the bus stop. They were a very friendly couple who had recently begun attending church services near Memorial Park, where I’ve painted many times.

Are You Saved?

I happened to be painting during the time when deliveries were being made to a grocery store, so foot traffic was brisk.

One delivery man stopped to watch me paint. We chatted for a while. When I asked him if he was saved, he said he was a Catholic. “That’s not what I asked,” I replied. “Are you saved?” He answered, “Yes”

“How do you know?”

He blinked his eyes a few times and opened his mouth as though he would reply. After a few beats with no response, I asked him, “Would you like to know for sure?”

He replied nervously, “I’m pretty busy right now. Maybe some other time.”

I said to him as he was about to leave, “Take a look at the Talent Search tract I handed you. It has some helpful information.” He thanked me and went on his way.

I then met an artist who told me about the art hanging in the Sidewalk Cafe. Check it out.

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