Congratulations Graduates

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Congratulations to all the high school graduates who have completed a phase of your education. Now you are prepared to continue your studies or transition into the workplace. I wish much you success.

This painting was done at a library in Watts, CA. They have honored achievement in learning with a large mural painted above its entry.

Guy With the Smudgy Face

I started ministering on the streets en plein air behind my easel in 2001 for the purpose of sharing Christ with curious onlookers. I experimented with different media to see what would work best. This painting was done in pastel. I love to work in that medium. It’s a very vibrant media and a painting can be done quickly. However, they’re very messy. For example, as I am working in pastel, I unconsciously touch my face and discover later that I have decorated myself with colorful smudges. I imagine people I meet on the streets find that very humorous. It’s also easy to transfer it to a curious onlooker with a handshake. After some trial and error, I settled on watercolors.

What is your favorite painting medium?

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