Da Vinci on Fire in Downtown Los Angeles

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Da Vinci on Fire

Divinci FireDa Vinci was ablaze; not with passionate creativity but with an inferno of flames that shot up from the belly of Los Angeles. Da Vinci is the name of a large, upscale apartment complex that was under construction on the fringe of downtown LA. The intense heat from the fire also damaged nearby buildings. The cause of the fire is under investigation by both local and federal officials, including the ATF.

I had business in Los Angeles several days after the fire. I decided to visit the Da Vinci site afterward to paint. I was not surprised that the site was cordoned off several blocks beyond the blaze site. More importantly, I wanted to see who God would bring to my easel. The first two visitors were two men in orange hardhats and bright reflective vests. I learned that they had been working at the Da Vinci as fiber optics installers long before the fire. We chatted about the fire for a bit, then I gave them the WWJP quiz. They both came up with the same answer; that Jesus would paint outdoors. Possibly because they were on their way to lunch, they suddenly turned and walked away.

Her Profession

14-12-10-Di-Vinci-FireI continued to paint. Soon a lady stepped up and asked why I was there. In response, I also gave her the WWJP quiz. I said that Jesus would be where the need is great, so I was there representing Him. She had many other questions. I had one myself; “Are you a reporter?” She said she was and produced ‘Los Angeles Times‘ credentials. Some of her questions were ones I had heard before, “What do you do with your paintings after you finish them?” “Do you exhibit anywhere?” etc.

The ‘reporter’ then turned her attention back to the Da Vinci fire. “Did I know any of the homeless living in shadow of the Da Vinci apartments?” “Had I spoken to any homeless there?” Note: It has been reported (rumored) that the fire may have been started by a homeless person. When she began asking questions not related to my purpose there, “Where do I live?” “Did I take the train here?” “What was my phone number?” etc., I thought to myself, ‘You’re starting to sound more like an undercover law enforcement officer than a reporter.’

Regardless of her profession, she heard about Jesus and received an invitation to follow him.

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