Deep Calls Unto Deep

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The Word burst through the wails ~
conquered the clamor like a hammer paeans ~
from a tempered anvil He screamed ~
“Lazarus, come forth!” •

Scribes bind folk tight in grave clothes ~
steeped in religion’s cold traditions ~
ray spun beards from grayer matter ~
ruminate they through pensive-less chatter •

“Down through time we came to visions ~
dry bones breathe with flesh & sinew ~
But could one in his condition ~
truly ever rise i.e., abide again? •

Why certainly we realize ~
though dead today, our friend will rise ~
in the resur…” “I Am!” •

The Deep calls unto deep ~
at the noise of God’s quick waterspouts ~
Praises swell – “Worthy” shouts the angels—sing ~
Rivers course beneath the veil; rent, void of sting •

Drink the flood that hot pursues new birth ~
The Risen One shall spring from you •

I’m drenched with rain of latter days ~
I pour my heart out that your heart’s made new


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