Efficiency Without Esthetics is Like?

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Echo AgainWhen I was scouting this past weekend for sites to have a JEPA Workshop, I returned here to Echo Park. I’ve come here by myself on several occations to paint en plein air and seek the lost. I’ve also come here on one previous time with the workshop. I recall how much everyone enjoyed painting here.

Echo ReconstructionUnfortunately, Echo Park Lake is presently little more than a big hole in the ground while it undergoes reconstruction.
At first, I thought the measures the City of Los Angeles is taking are too drastic. Wouldn’t it have been more efficient to have put fresh paint on the lighthouse and new paddles on the boats? Shouldn’t the money they’re spending be given to the poor? Don’t the bureaucrats know that we’re in a recession?  What were they thinking?

The more I complained inside my head, the more I started sounding like a Judas. So I stopped to think…What do the poor need, a bag of coins or a pretty park? I say they need both.

I’ve come up with a few *aphorisms over the years that have that have helped me make sense of this mixed up world. I hope they’ll give you at least a hmmm moment.

• INSPIRATION: Information uninspired is like a symphony of symbols.

• MODERATION: Information unabated is like a roller coaster without restraints.

• REGULATION: Information unregulated is like trying to sip water from a fire hose.

Here’s the new one for Echo Park:

• EFFICIENCY: Efficiency without esthetics is like a hug from an android.

The world needs more art!

* From my book, Living Loom

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