Outreach and Prayer for the Elderly

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Morning of Outreach

A group of people, usually about a half a dozen, meet up monthly for outreach; a time to share Christ in our community. A few go door-to-door while others do street ministry. I typically pitch my easel at a site where there is ample foot traffic and speak to curious onlookers about Jesus.

Early on the morning of our last outreach, I had a vision of myself painting at a park. However, I was compelled to go first to the site I had planned for several days. So, I went to our local post office and painted there.

Following the outreaches, we usually meet back at the church and share our testimonies. I decided this time to have our team meet at the park which is near our church. When we all met up, some sat on the grass while others stood in the warm sun and told of what God had done that morning. After we finished, I let them know that I would stay at the park a while longer and paint, suspecting that God wanted to do something special for someone.

I had been painting for about 15 minutes when I heard someone approaching from behind. Then a voice, “May I see what you’re doing?” I turned and saw an elderly man, possibly in his ’90’s. “Sure, come on over,” I said.

Prayer for the Elderly

The elderly man had a very friendly face and no teeth. He smiled through his gums and said, “Nice painting.”

His smile softly transformed to sadness. “Please pray for my wife”

I thanked him, then said, somewhat out of the blue, “Is there anything I can pray with you about?” His smile softly transformed to sadness. “Please pray for my wife,” he answered.

When I bowed my head to pray with him, he took my hand and held tightly. I prayed for his wife, then I prayed for him. When I said, “Amen,” he raised his head and looked up toward heaven. Tears streamed down his weathered cheeks. He then looked at me through moist gray eyes and said, “Thank you.”

The elderly man turned to walk away. “Sir,” I called out to him. He paused and turned back toward me. “Do you know Jesus?” I asked. “Oh yes,” he replied confidently. He turned and continue on.

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