Impact the City – Giving and Evangelizing in Southern California

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Today was a day for team evangelizing, but in a different sort of way. We gathered at our church early this morning to pray. We then assembled teams to go out into Pasadena and Altadena, CA to impact the city.

Evangelizing Through Giving

Instead of evangelizing strangers through passing out tracts and inviting them to Christ and to church, we gave to them in another way. We set up stations throughout the city. One was a health station where a nurse from our congregation provided free health tips. Another was a car wash. We held up ‘Free Car Wash’ signs to passing motorists driving up and down Lake Ave. One would think that we would be overrun with ‘customers’. However, most people apparently thought it was too good to be true. Of the few who did stop, they drove away with a freshly washed car; absolutely free. Another station was set up to hand out free water. We put a label on each bottle.  It had our church name, Abundant Harvest Christian Center. Below that were the words, ‘Jesus is the living water that never runs dry!’ along with our web site. Then there was a ‘Free Coffee’ station. One might think people wouldn’t be interested in coffee in 80+ degree weather, but they guzzled it up. I was at the disaster preparedness station. We offered a free packet of information about how to prepare for a major disaster. Since we are in southern California, the information explained primarily on how to prepare for an earthquake.

Reaching Out From My Easel

Evangelizing the CityAs usual, I set up my easel to paint en plein air while talking to passers-by about getting ready for a large-scale calamity. The printed information we gave out explained how to put together a kit. Some important things to remember are to have current family, medical and business contact numbers (phone, email, etc.). Also supplies, which include a first aid kit, extra water and food, certain tools, extra cash and more. If you would like more information, contact me.

Of course, the most important way to prepare for a disaster is to get ones spiritual life in order. That can only happen through a relationship with Jesus. I had the opportunity to pray with a young man who stopped by. I hope you have taken care of that. If not, check this out.

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