The Victory in Small Beginnings and the Trial of Faith

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The Faith

The ‘Jesus In Plain Air‘ group of artists had more than 20 members registered within two weeks of its launch. With plans to conduct weekly meetings, I was satisfied that nine of the artist had signed up to attend our first session. JIPA GroupWe would meet at the Rose Garden in Exposition Park, Los Angeles. When only 3 of the 9 artists showed up at the event, that didn’t even discourage me. Zechariah 4:10 states, ‘Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin’ (New Living Translation).

Actually, I had such a great time with the small group that one more might have been one too many. Nevertheless, I expect more artists to attend in future events.

Ralph, who arrived early, got right to work. He did two beautiful and expressive pen & ink drawings, then put a watercolor wash on top. Myrna did a very detailed drawing of an eagle statue atop the Natural History museum. The shading she included seemed to make it fly off the page. Cathy reminded me of a rose in the garden, which in the early morning light blossoms before your very eyes. No one would have known by the painting she did of the eagle that she was not an experienced artist. Yet if you looked at her first drawing that morning and compared it to her final watercolor you can clearly see a tremendous growth in skills; in just two short hours.

The Trial

We were wrapping up on schedule at 12:00 pm when the Natural History Museumdevil, through 2 young boys stepped in. One of them snatched Cathy’s purse, then both took off running. I took off running after them. My mature legs were gaining on the younger child (possibly 12 year old). However, they had gotten a substantial lead. When I realized that it might go from a sprint to a marathon, I hollered, “Stop those kids, they stole a purse”!!! Thankfully, someone stepped in front of the smaller child, which allowed me to catch him. Unfortunately, the older child got away (for now).

The museum security got involved. Cathy and I gave a report. I stayed with her until she had made arrangements to get home since her car keys were in the purse. Not only had Cathy impressed me with her art skills, but it was a blessing to see her maintain her composure. I understood better when she later texted me, “If I can take it, I can make it.” God’s peace rested on her through the whole ordeal.

It had taken over an hour to make the theft report. Therefor, my parking meter had expired during that time. Sure enough, a $63 ticket was on my windshield when I returned to my car.

I’m glad I had contacted two mighty prayer warriors the day before to ask them to pray for this inaugural event. I don’t believe for a moment, nor should you, that their prayers went unanswered. Because these two pray fervently, I can rest on James 5:16 which states, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man (woman) avails much. I’m looking expectantly to see God move in this situation, bringing 7-fold restoration to Cathy, an abundant harvest of souls to me, deliverance to the 2 boys and a slap-down to the devil and his hoard.

The Harvest

Speaking of a harvest, when I returned to my car, I met a young lady whom I had an opportunity to tell about Jesus. What a kind person she was. That was worth it all.

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    Wow, what a wonderful event! What Satan meant for harm God turned around for good and His glory! Love the beautiful stories and paintings. Looking forward to following “The Victory in Small Beginnings and The Trail of Faith” . What appears to be small to man is great in the eyes of The Lord. Will definitely refer Artist of like talent to join you as you grow in abundance.

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