Jesus En Plein Air • The Art of Salvation

Art Out • My plein air painting Meetup group

Keni Arts • Handmade quilts and crafts by my wife, Peggie. Also, some of my stuff.

Kenturah Davis • My daughter. Emerging artist of international acclaim.

Hollywood Backlots • Where I spent 30+ years paintings sets and scenery.

Jim Mitchell • Outstanding storyboard artist.

Abundant Harvest Christian Center • My place of worship.

Crenshaw Christian Center • Great Bible teaching ministry. Home of the FaithDome.

Bible Gateway • Locate scriptures and research the Bible.

Reasons to Believe • Where science and faith converge.

Arts Community News • Lake Ave. Church of Pasadena, CA

Christian Comic Art Society • A network of Christian fellowship for comic fans.

GlasToon • Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen, Where I get my daily dose of chuckles.

LightWave 3D • My modeling and animation package of choice.

Twit TV • Tech news.

Thomas Kinkade • ‘The Plein Air Tradition’. An excellent history and definition of plein air painting.


  • Altar Easel: Very basic easel for 9″x12″ watercolor
  • En Plein Air Pro: FYI only, not an endorsement since I’ve never used this.
  • Strata Easel: FYI only, not an endorsement since I’ve never used this.