Finding Your Purpose Unleashes Your Passion

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What is life without purpose?

I met a man who appeared to be successful, but when I asked him what he was passionate about, he said he was too busy to pursue passion. Therefore he lacked true purpose. I told him that if he pursued Jesus, He would help him find, then fulfill his purpose. This would lead him to his passion. He seemed to have gone into deep thought as he walked away.

Soon, two young ladies stopped to watch me paint. One knew Jesus and had a clear direction for her life. The other had no idea what she should do. Although she agreed that Jesus could give her that direction, she was not yet ready to commit her life to Him. I did what I could to persuade her, but until she saw the need for Christ, I could go only so far. Thus, she’ll continue without knowing her ultimate purpose.

Your Purpose

Do you know your purpose in life? If not, find it in Christ.

About This Painting

I have painted City Hall en plein air many times; both in watercolor and in oils. This day, I pitched my easel on the lawn of Pasadena Central Library to capture this scene.

Pasadena City Hall was built in 1927. The design was influenced by the Renaissance style of Italian architect Andre Palladio. The building was vacated temporarily in 2004 as it underwent major renovation and structural upgrading to withstand possible earthquake activity. This beautiful structure has been the backdrop for art festivals, concerts, special presentations and other events.

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