From Dreams to the Big Screen

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What novelist wouldn’t want to have their book turned into a screenplay, and eventually a movie? Actually, any novelist familiar with the process of dumbing down a brilliant 100,000 word book into an entertaining (at best) 90 minute film would be reluctant to turn their book over to a movie producer whose main concern is the bottom line, not the next line.

But lets pretend for now that you’re open to the idea of letting others see that movie that’s been playing in your head. Traveling from dreams of screen is akin to traveling from Los Angeles to London 100 years ago. First, you ride your buggy to the train station. From there, you ride cross-country to catch a boat to London. It’s a long process, but necessary if you want to see Westminster Abby.

Getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper can also be a long and arduous task, but a very rewarding one when you reach your destination. Even if your desire is to tell your life’s journey to a small circle of family or friends, it’s worth the sacrifice of missing some social events, television shows (or YouTube videos) in order to make the time to tell your story.

Here’s a poem I hope you’ll enjoy that describes the television writer’s dilemma.

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