We Look at the Hot Pants, God Looks at the Heart

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I didn’t sense God’s leading me to go out and paint en plein air today; it was more a personal desire to paint a scene I had intended to paint on two other occasions but never started. The site was a newly-built seniors home painted in bright colors with some interesting architectural features; kind of a contemporary craftsman.

Although I wasn’t going specifically to minister to anyone, I knew the opportunity would probably arise, so I was prepared.

God is no respecter of persons

Him'n Hot PantsJust as I arrived, people were boarding the bus, so I knew I would be alone for a short time. I pitched my easel near the bus stop. Soon a Spanish family (two female adults and a bunch of children) came to catch the next bus. I’ve been blessed to have prayed with many Latinos to receive Christ. I must admit though that I struggle at times with the enormous influx of undocumented immigrants into Southern California and the effect that has had in displacing many Blacks in employment, housing and other areas. On the other hand, African Americans have been here for generations and have had the responsibility and opportunity to rise higher as the tide has risen. I remind myself that God is no respecter of persons so I endeavor to extend the same love and respect to everyone, regardless of racial or economic backgrounds. The children watched me with much interest until their bus arrived. As they were boarding, I handed one a ‘Talent Search’ tract.

Him’n Hot Pants

I continued to paint. After a while, I saw out of the corner of my eye a person slowly approaching. I glanced their way, but I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a man or a woman. I did a double take. This person was dressed in hot pants and other feminine atire, but their movements didn’t quite achieve true feminine grace I so appreciate.

I had been working in Hollywood for many years, so I was accustomed to working alongside people with vastly different lifestyles than mine. We seemed to get along well, even when they knew I was a Christian and I knew they were gay.

I greeted the person. Their reply left no doubt about the gender, even though he dressed transgender. He talked admiringly about my painting. I asked him what talents he had. He knew of none in particular; however, he liked to cook. We chatted for a while. Finally, a door opened for me to share Jesus with him. He admitted that he did not have things right with God. He abruptly turned to walk away, but before he could get out of reach, I put a ‘Talent Search’ in his hand. I called out to him to go home and work on getting things right.

This was a day to remind myself that God looks beyond outward appearances. God looks at the heart. We need to be more like God. I Samuel 16:7

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