Are You Good Enough? Compared to Who?

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Are You Good Enough?

Gamble House
Gamble House

I purchased a song recently that would have never made it into my music library several years ago. The title is ‘Good Enough’ by Anthony Evans. In it, Evans states, “You don’t have to be capable, just be available to follow where I (God) will lead.”

That would have been a tough pill to swallow for someone who has strived to be not just ‘good enough’, but the ‘best’ in his endeavors. But who do we make a comparison to? Are we comparing ourselves with ourselves in judging our capabilities? So what if you can make wiser and sounder decisions as a mature adult than the risky ones you made as a immature teenager. Can your mature legs carry you faster and farther than your youthful legs did? I doubt it. Are you good enough?

Shall you compare yourself with your neighbor who has obvious shortcomings while not recognizing their hidden strengths? Be careful to keep your closet door closed so that they won’t discover your achilles hill. Are you good enough?

Compared to Who?

Here’s a daunting suggestion; let’s compare ourselves to Jesus? All He did was feed 5000 men plus women and children with a kid’s lunch. He merely raised people from the dead, opened blind eyes and walked on water. Those are just a few of the feats He achieved which are written in the scriptures. When you take into account that “…there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” (John 21:25), our comparisons would seem shallow.

Going back to Anthony Evan’s song, he makes the statement, “My (God’s) love will make you good enough.” When put in the context of the Bible, ‘God is love’ (1 John 4:8) and ‘love never fails’, (I Corinthians 13:8), it becomes clear that we’ll never be ‘good enough’ without God.

Hollyhock HouseI came once again to this realization, though not a revelation, while I was painting Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Hollyhock House” in Los Angeles.

A man stopped at my easel. As I often do, I turned the conversation away from the artwork to find out about him. This often opens the door for me to share specific scriptures that the Holy Spirit tailors to the person’s personal interests and needs. Let’s call this man’s name John.

John was was a pilot with Delta Airlines. We made an instant connection when I told him that my older brother used to be a pilot. In his many travels, John often visits interesting architectural sites. He was familiar with Wright’s architecture and told me things about Wright’s ‘Falling Water‘ home located in Pennsylvania. I introduced John to the ‘Gamble House‘ in Pasadena.

John stayed at my easel and chatted much longer than others. He was a very interesting man to talk to. So interesting was he that I forgot to tell him about Jesus…not until he was walking away. Only then did I think to hand him my ‘WWJP‘ tract.

This brings me back to the question I would never ask out loud, but lingers in the back of my mind. Am I ‘good enough’ for God to use to bring people into His Kingdom? I’ve come to this conclusion; God loves the ‘Johns’ of this world much more than I could ever love them.

5-Word Sermon

Sometimes I think back 40 years ago when a man asked me a simple question, “Have you been born again?” I said, “Yes” (knowing I was telling a lie) and quickly walked away. That man’s 5-word sermon spoke to me more than a lengthy Billy Graham message. Was that man ‘good enough’ in witnessing to me for Christ? Absolutely yes!

God is more than good enough in taking our meager efforts and turning them into miracle results. It’s simply our responsibility to (as Evens sings) ‘to follow where He leads’.

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