Painting the Green Hotel From the Door of the Fire Station

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Green Hotel From the Fire Station –

My final destination was the fire station across from the Green Hotel.

My trek began several hours earlier at the Rose Bowl. I’ve painted there at least a dozen times and always find something new. Like always, my primary reason for going there with my paint kit is to draw some attention in order to share Christ with a curious onlooker. I parked on the west side of the Bowl near a place where I once painted it in the rain. Today was mostly sunny. I wasn’t inspired by this spot today, so I started walking south toward the aquatic center. I prayed in the Spirit as I went. Still no inspiration when I arrived. From there, I walked back north through the picnic area and past Kids Space. I had painted it several months ago. Kept walking. Around the soccer field which led back to the Rose Bowl. Nope, nothing yet.

On to Old Town

I got in my car and drove to Old Town. I parked on Green Street near Orange Grove Blvd. and started walking again; still praying. I was also reminiscing about the many other sites I’ve painted there. I paused at Friendship Baptist Church and thought that I might paint it again. No, kept walking. As I approached historic Green Hotel, I thought this might be the place, even though it has been my subject many times.

One thing became apparent; firemen like to eat.

I pitched my easel at the entrance of the fire station and went to work. One thing became very apparent within minutes after I arrived. Firemen like to eat. Several food delivery people walked in as I worked. I was able to pass a Talent Search tract to one of them. In fact, passing out tracts was all I did at that location as people who passed by seemed to be on a mission to get someplace in a hurry. No problem. I believe someone really needed it.

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