Painting En Plein Air at Griffith Observatory

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Santa Ana winds blew through the Los Angeles basin last night. Early this morning when I went out to get the morning paper, I looked up to see a cloudless sky. There was a chill in the air, but I knew that as the morning grew older, the conditions would be perfect. I told my wife that I would be painting en plein air (outdoors) today.

The view at Griffith Observatory

On a day like today, it’s best to go some place high above the city, so I chose the Griffith Observatory. The view was stunning. The air was so clear that I could see the Pacific Ocean from the roof of the observatory.

However, since I was not there to sightsee, I found a place to pitch my easel on the lawn of the Griffith Observatory near the main entrance.

Friendly People

As I worked on my painting, I had many visitors; most of whom received my ‘Talent Search‘ tract. One of the more enthusiastic visitors was Joe. Joe had come to Los Angeles to do research relating to architecture. He spoke of his taste for Dutch painters, which I also admire. When he mentioned the Japanese Gardens, I said that he needed to visit the gardens at the Huntington Library. Joe said that that was exactly where he was doing his research. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

I also spoke to hikers, a school teacher, other artists; even a man who had a view of life that made him the center of the universe (what better place to meet him than the Griffith Observatory )

If you ever visit Los Angeles, be sure to include the Griffith Observatory on you itinerary. If you live here and have never visited, shame on you.

I had a wonderful time today and am grateful that I could get out and share the love of Jesus with curious onlookers.

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