Hand Written: A Novel Decision

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Father TIm Kavanagh, who lives in the Blue Mountain Ridge area, is an Episcopal priest and an avid reader  In his quest to find ways to encourage his flock, he often collects quotes and passages from books and other sources. His collection of writings have been published in a book entitled, ‘Patches of Godlight’. It’s not a read-once book. The quotes and witty sayings come from some of my favorite thinkers; Martin Luther King, Jr., C.S. Lewis, and Chesterton. It also contains many great passages from the Bible.

Aside from the thought-provoking quotes, I enjoy the book because it is written in Kavanagh’s own hand. With the ubiquity of computers, talbets, phones, and now even software that will capture spoken words and convert them into text, it’s becoming a rare but welcome sight to see a hand-written manuscript. Fortunately, it’s not yet a lost art. There are still some contemporary authors; Stephen King and Neil Gaiman for example, who write their stories by hand. I googled ‘hand written novels – images‘ and found some interesting examples of hand-crafted stories.

For those of you who, like I, are as interested in the long creative process as in the final created product, I thought I’d give you a look at how my novel, ‘She Can See’ is taking shape. In preperation to start writing the book, I cleaned up and refilled some of my favorite fountain pens and purchased some notebooks.  These notebooks themselves are worth mentioning. They are made from an 80% sugarcane-based paper. Having written 12,000+ words, it’s clear that I’ll have to get more cartridges and notebooks to complete the story.

There are many advantages, and some disadvantages to writing the old-fashioned way. However, I’m not a purist. I still enjoy using modern technologies for second and subsequent drafts, editing and other parts of the writing process. I’ll go into detail soon, but for now, back to the fountain well.

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