Growing Up In The Church vs The Church Growing Up In You

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Early mornings or late afternoons have been ideal times for plein air painting because of the dramatic shadows a rising or setting sun casts. Another reason for choosing those times during the summer is to avoid the high temperatures, which have soared over 90*F for the past two weeks.

I could have walked to the location for today’s painting or have ridden my bicycle, but decided at the last-minute to drive my car. I’ve painted most of the shops in this neighborhood. I’ve often thought of painting these and decided I’d not put it off any longer.

A 76 year-old man on his morning walk passed by. I extended a Talent Search tract to him. He showed me a pamphlet in his hand and said, “Someone already gave me something.” When I saw that it was some Jehovah Witness literature, I said, “This will tell you about another side of that. I’m a born again Christian. I believe in Jesus.” He accepted my tract.

He Grew Up In the Church, But…

Several other people received a Talent Search as they hurried up and down the street. When a man who didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get to his destination walked by, I determine to engage him in a conversation. “Good morning sir. Here’s a little something for you.” When he reached out for the tract, I began to talk to him about the contents. “Talent search…it’s about the talent God gives you. I worked in Hollywood. Seems like everyone chases about fame and fortune but forgets all about God.”

When I asked him if he believed in the Lord, he said, “I came up in the church.”

I replied, “You came up in the church, but did the church come up in you?” He laughed, then had to admit that he had walked away from God.

Compel Them

The Bible states in Luke 14:23, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that My house may be filled.’ I said everything I could think to say and compelled him to repent and turn back to the Lord, but he insisted that he was not ready to make that committment. I showed him the prayer in the Talent Search tract and said that when he decided to, it would put him in good standing with God if he prayed it with a sincere heart.

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