Heavy Construction Jobs, Working on the Hearts of Men

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From time-to-time, I encounter heavy construction jobs on this street corner in Altadena. Several years ago, construction crews were digging up this very intersection. They were laying fiber optic cable for the new development dwellers up the hill, so I heard. I wonder if the people up above are getting that blazing hot speed while I get turtle-crawl speed on my net just a few blocks off their precious glass pipes. I guess you can tell I’m still a little peeved at my 5Mbps (like I don’t remember 56Kbps dial-up). I guess I shouldn’t complain.

En Plein Air

I pitched my easel on the SE corner near a bus stop to paint en plein air the heavy construction job and to share Christ with curious onlookers.

My first visitor was not a walker but a driver. He stopped in a traffic lane to congratulate me for doing a good job on the street construction. I’ve probably been mistaken for serving a lot of different purposes while standing on a busy street corner behind my easel, but this is the first time I’ve been ID’d as a construction worker. He leaned over and hollered out the passenger window that he used to do the same type of construction work. A car behind him honked for him to move on, so I hurried over to his car and passed a Talent Search tract to him as he sped away. I wonder if, when he finally saw what he had been given, he called the city and thanked them for their construction worker who was concerned about his spiritual condition?

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