Hollywood High Mural and Hallelujah Hollywood Watercolor

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Arthur BlessittHollywood High School has had its fair share of actors and other luminaries pass through its hallways. Artist, Elroy Torres pays homage to some of them with his Hollywood High mural.

The mural, now partly obscured by large trees, is a colorful reminder that Hollywood is still the entertainment capital of the world.

On December 15th, 2012, I pitched my easel on the corner of Highland Avenue and Selma Street across from the Hollywood High mural. I was not there specifically to paint the mural, but to share the love of Christ with curious onlookers.

Hallelujah Hollywood

I arrived several hours before Hallelujah Hollywood, an event sponsored by Arthur Blessitt and the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). Arthur is not only my brother in Christ, but I consider him a kindred spirit and a distant mentor because of how God uses him in ministry. For the past 40+ years, Arthur has been carrying on his back a 12′ cross as he has walked through over 300 nations. He talkes to people he meets about Jesus. Many have been saved and healed as he prays with them. Although I’ve been painting en plein air for over 40 years, it was in 2001 that I began to go for the purpose of leading people to Christ and praying for them.

I had just begun my watercolor painting en plein air of the Hollywood High mural when a man stopped by to see what I was doing. After we had chatted for a while, I asked him if he knew about the event (Hallelujah Hollywood) that would soon take place across the street. He said that he didn’t, so I told him a bit about Arthur Blessitt and his mission. Then I told him about my similar mission to introduce people to Christ. Immediately, he pulled up his shirt sleeve and showed me a tattoo. It identified him with Christ. Just to make sure, I asked him if Jesus was in his heart as well as on his arm. He said He was.

Finding Your Passion

I met several other people that day, including a friendly couple. The lady was the first to mention the Lord’s name. However, when I told her that I painted outdoors because it was a passion, she said that she didn’t know what her passion was. I told her of the scripture that her life was hidden with Christ in God. The more she learned about Christ, the more she would learn about herself. So, I handed her a Talent Search tract. She looked at it carefully, thanked me with a big smile and went her way.

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