Your Identity In Christ and God’s Supernatural Connection

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Tar Pits –

Identity in Christ

I met my friend Stanley for fellowship and breakfast at Farmer’s Market. Afterward, we would go to the La Brea Tar Pits where we would join other artists. We arrived at Page Museum where the fossils of prehistoric animals from the Tar Pits were on display.

We got there early. I was to meet up with the artists at 10:30. I didn’t see any other artists there by 10:40, so I pitched my easel near the plastic mammoths and went to work. Stanley stayed with me for a while, then walked over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

I was finishing my pen & ink sketch and was about to begin the watercolor when a security guard approached and said that I couldn’t use a tripod on the grounds. I said, “Oh really?” Apparently, he wasn’t in the mood for a conversation, for he simply turned around and walked away. So I broke down my setup and went to a picnic table nearby to work on the painting.

Identity In Christ

People passed by, craning their necks to see what I was painting, but none stopped. However, the queue to get into the Page Museum had gotten so long that they were now standing close by. One man, who was a scout master began to chat. I asked him if he liked to paint. He said that he couldn’t keep with the lines, but said, “My daughter, who’s doing missions work studied animation and is a good artist.

La Brea Tar PitsI thought it was interesting that he mentioned his daughter doing missions work. He was obviously doing the same thing I was there for, which was to identify with Christ and strike up a conversation about Him. The line was moving so fast that we didn’t have much time for fellowship. However, I handed him a WWJP tract before he went moved on. I know that my brief contact with him was just another example of how God connects people when they’re looking for that connection.

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