Jehovah Witness – Jesus Witness – Is There a Difference?

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Reconnecting With Jehovah Witness

Keni painting at Griffith ObservatorySeveral years had passed since I recall having a conversation with someone of the Jehovah Witness religion. That changed in February of this year when my aunt passed away. We had been very close at one time, but had drifted apart over the years. Although we never discussed our separation, I suspect her religion, Jehovah Witness and my relationship with Jesus had some role to play. Nevertheless, my wife and I attended her memorial service. When I later visited my aunt’s children (who also were in Jehovah Witness religion), they sprinkled ‘Jehovah Witness’ throughout their conversation and I sprinkled ‘Jesus’.

Also in February, I met a young man who claimed to be of the Jehovah Witness belief. Initially, he tried to get me interested in a product he was selling. I told him I wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until I began to talk to him about Jesus that I learned of his affiliation with the Jehovah Witnesss. He seemed interested in what I was saying, so we made plans to meet at another time. I later met him in a coffee shop. Once again, he went into his pitch about his financial service. I listened patiently, told him no, then took him back to Jesus. I told him what Jesus told Nicodemus; “Unless you are born again, you cannot see the  Kingdom of  God.” John 3:3

I suspected this young man didn’t know much about his religion. It was confirmed when I asked him if I could pray with him to receive Jesus to be born again. He said that he was not ready to be born again yet, but would be in the future. I told him to study a little deeper into the Jehovah Witness beliefs. He would find that they do not believe they can be born again.

Taking a Stand

Griffith ObservatoryMy next encounter with the Jehovah Witnessses came when my group, Art Out painted at the Griffith Observatory. When I arrived at 9:30 on a Saturday morning, I saw an ideal vantage point. It was different from the other locations from which I had pitched my easel on several other occasions. I also saw a little portable stand nearby containing magazines. Two young ladies stood behind it under umbrellas, which shielded them from the hot sun. I recognized the wheeled stand as one of the recent additions to the Jehovah Witness outreach arsenal. An ideal spot indeed.

I greeted the ladies, then went right to work sketching the Observatory. One of them asked how long it would take me to finish the painting. I told her about an hour, then asked why she asked. She said she would be taking a break soon, but wanted to see the finished piece. I told her that if she was there when I finished, I would certainly show the painting to her.

I finished the sketch, then joined another member of Art Out. Eventually, I returned to the same spot and found the young lady had also returned. When I began to paint over the pen & ink sketch, she asked if she could take some photos. I agreed. Seeing that we were becoming friendly, I felt it was a good time to strike up a conversation.

“I have some cousins who are Jehovah Witnesses,” I said. She smiled and asked, “What area do they live in?” I answered, “La Puente.” I went on to say, “I do the same thing you do, but not really the same. I pitch my easel in different places and tell people about Jesus.” I handed her my WWJP tract and told her to visit my site. She asked, “Will you put this painting on your site?” I told her that I would, so here it is.

What’s the Difference?

She was a witness for Jehovah, and I was a witness for Jesus. What’s the difference? Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 Therefore, instead of trying to take people directly to the Jehovah, I lead people to Jesus and let Him take them to the Father.

Then in Act 1:8, Jesus said, …you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses unto Me (Jesus)… This tells me that I should be a witness to Jesus, not Jehovah. This does not in any way diminish the immeasurable role Jehovah God has in saving and leading us. However it’s Jesus, who never sinned, died for our sins then rose from the dead, never to die again. I’d rather trust Him to take people to Jehovah than put my trust in a person who is subject to sin and death; as we all are on this earth. I say this with respect for the dedication shown by my Jehovah Witness friend at the Griffith Observatory (and many others in the religion). I admire you and desire that more of my born again brothers and sisters in Christ would be so bold. I also pray that you be born again.

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  1. Steven
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    Who did Jesus a witness of?

    • Keni
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      I’m not sure of your question. However, Jesus was a witness of the Truth…God.

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