We know that Jesus taught people the ways of God. We know that He performed miracles, signs and wonders. We also know how He did them; by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the Footsteps of Jesus

But where did He do all this and more? If you study the four gospels of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), you’ll discover something very telling about Jesus. The scriptures record (according to my count) that He ministered in the synagogues and temple 31 times. However, He ministered on the streets, in the marketplace, on dusty roads, on the beaches, in boats and other outdoor places 89 times. Even if my count is not exact, one thing is very clear:

Jesus spent most of His time going to places where the unchurched gathered.

JEPA (Jesus En Plein Air) is where I most often find Him; on street corners, in parks and elsewhere to meet people who’ve not met the Savior. Painting ‘en plein air’ is both a fun and rewarding way to spend time with Jesus while offering hope to others.

‘En plein air’ is a French term that simply means ‘in open air’. Or as we would say on the streets, ‘outdoors’. It’s most often used today to describe the act of painting outdoors. Now, read the stories and see the paintings in the JEPA blog.

Ministry at LACMA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art – LACMA

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