La Guardia Airport Post Hurricane Sandy

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La Guardia Airport

It was Friday morning, November 2, 2012. I sat in the waiting area at gate D10 in La Guardia Airport (New York) waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles. My original flight was scheduled for Monday, October 29th, but had been delayed by Hurricane Sandy.

As I looked out the window while planes taxied across the tarmac and took off, I could see why the airport had been shut down for several days. The runways were built only several meters above sea level. The ocean flooded many communities bordering its shores.

I couldn’t complain about my flight delay nor my circumstances when some people lost their lives, many others lost their homes and possessions and the most I lost was four days in a travel schedule and spotty internet access.

I had been visiting my daughter in upper Manhattan where the worst damage I saw was a few fallen tree branches.

My prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones and suffered personal injury and loss.

On a brighter note: I had the opportunity to paint en plein air and minister on the streets before Sandy hit.

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