You Can Run But Not Hide From a Life Changing Question

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My wife and I were returning to Los Angeles from a weekend trip to San Diego. It was very enjoyable, though not quite life changing. As we passed through Laguna Beach, which has a thriving artist community, we decided to stop for a while. I had my paint kit with me, as I almost always do, so I found a scenic spot overlooking the ocean to paint en plein air.

Soon, a man and lady stood at a distance watching. When I greeted them, the lady came over to take a closer look.

We chatted for a while, then I turned the conversation toward God. When I asked her if she knew Jesus, she said “Yes”, then abruptly turned and walked away.

I thought of an occasion many years earlier when I had taken a walk at Redondo Beach, a suburb of Los Angeles. I was strolling on the pier when a bearded ‘hippie-looking’ man approached me and asked the life changing question, Have you been born again?

I answered “Yes”, then just like the lady, I quickly got away from that ‘religious freak’. Nothing changed; not then, but years later my life did change when I answered the life changing question honestly.

Pop the Life Changing Question

That simple question burned in me for longer than a year until I invited Jesus into my life. The brief encounter on the pier taught me a very important lesson about soul winning…Sometimes it only takes a few words spoken to a person for God to begin to work in their life. I’ve also learned that there’s nothing wrong about being called a ‘religious freak’ if helps someone find eternal life in Christ.

Have you spoken a few words on behalf of Christ to anyone recently? Why not do it today?

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