Living Loom – Introduction

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We live in two worlds; physical and spiritual. We experience the physical world through sight, sound, touch, taste and feel. The world of the spirit is one of love vs hate, good vs evil, faith vs fear, along with a host of other polarizing terms that describe its existence.

We find ourselves living on one or the other side of the ‘tracks’ in the physical world through any one or combination of factors; economic, social, political, religious, racial; and the list goes on…

We choose on which side of the ‘tracks’ we’ll live in the spiritual world by our words.


Living Loom, Threads of Life Woven into a Spiritual Tapestry is a book of prose and poetry. The diversity of themes in Living Loom are as though spools of colorful threads were set in a loom and woven into a tapestry of spiritual life that seeks to connect us to God and to one another. The words are about life, even in the threat of death. Living Loom is a collection of words written on a tablet of experiences and beliefs that continues to challenge and transform me. With these words, I’ll challenge you to consider your life in a transformative fashion. Here are some challenges that inspired me to pen Living Loom.

I was inspired to write Haitian Train after seeing news coverage of a mother determined to find her daughter in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The story is told from the daughter’s point of view; a view that was born under the debris of a collapsed building.

The impetus to write Pedophile Priests came after hearing Miguel talk about the horrors of child sexual abuse committed in the clergy. Miguel (not his real name) was their victim. You don’t have to look beyond the title to get the gist of this no-nonsense poem that shines a light on this dark, scandalous behavior. The inspiration came from seeing Miguel transformed from a lost soul to a free spirit at a bus stop in South-Central Los Angeles.

On the lighter side, you’ll see what I’m capable of producing when inspiration is off duty and I’m left to my own imagination. Busy Brains was penned in the middle of the night after lying in bed for hours, unable to turn off my thoughts long enough to go to sleep. The consolation was to turn a sleepless night into a fun & off-beat poem with an ending from my distant, not-to-be-repeated past.

Living Loom

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